Keep innovating but routine also needs attention

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Keep innovating, but routine too needs attention of cleaning of the tooth remains unchanged. Hence it is that the routine must also get the same attention that is given to innovation. The routine of the routine has also its own patterns.

If the drudgery of the drudgery also becomes a hugely effortful process then life becomes unlivable. That is the managerial problem of soft infrastructure. Essential attention needs to be paid to essential aspects of human existence.

It is important to create an arsenal of technological inventions. It is also important to create better and more developed apparel. However, it is just as important to have a situation which enables life to go on without intolerable jerks and jolts, at the survival level. In a rural environment, one knows, that more often than not electricity and power are inadequately available. Hence one learns to prepare for it. In an urban environment one expects electricity .When the electricity is not available then the ways of coping with it can be demanding.There invariably follows, a clarion call to meet the 'challenge' with

In the rural areas to create energy one can burn leaves; branches; wood; coal. In an urban household there is no place to generate that kind of energy be it for heat or light. One can suffer in silence or one can make as much as noise as one wants, nothing changes. In rural environment water can be fetched from wells, river and even ponds. In an urban environment one has to wait for tankers.That is, if they arrive at all.

Quite simply, in rural environment there is spontaneous coordination, if not governance. In an urban environment there is need for more formalised governance. In an urban environment even the governance systems of colony developers, acquires significance.This aspect of development has been so ignored that it does not find a place even in the legislative process. There is little that will attract the law if the developer neglects to, say, maintain the roads or reach electricity to homes, after the plots have been sold or the houses built. At the end of the day urban development is just as much of a pathetic situation as rural development. The trouble is, popular imagery does not account for such reality. The reality also needs some propagation to makes its impact. The coming in of computerization has not helped. It has made a confused situation, confounding.

I believe I am a conscientious citizen. My head administration, my office staff and I spent 10 days. Struggling to find out in whose name at Municipal Corporation should I make out my house tax payment? The telephones didn't help,goggle search didn't help, searching websites didn't help and ultimately footwork had to be used. And, that too, worked only on the third round. The exhortation of those in power is "be positive". I am determined to be positive. Only, I am waiting to learn how to be positive when mobile lines keep dropping, wrong entries are made in columns and changes in processes are made without warning. The computerized help desk system provides no answers to individualized problems; the couriers fail; 'modern' systems keep getting artificially grafted on antiquated systems, mindsets and maintenance.

How does one grow the business?

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